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Election Day Poll Results

November 6, 2012

Based on my very unofficial poll with a small sample and thus high sampling error (alas, only about 30 of you who viewed my previous post actually answered the poll questions), it would appear that most of you think President Obama will win reelection. Some 83% of you predicted that Obama will win, with 60% of you saying he would garner between 280-299 electoral votes. A majority of you (about 58%) also predicted that Obama would win the popular vote. Meanwhile, in the crucial battleground states, 85% of you thought Obama would win Ohio, with 68%  believing he would carry Wisconsin and 54% giving Virginia to the President. Romney was expected to carry Florida by 71% of you and Colorado by 56% of you.

I will offer an election post-mortem after the real votes are in later this week.

Please vote today if you haven’t already!



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  1. Neil Van Dyke permalink

    I actually stuffed over 250 votes today! (Full disclosure – as a town official I got the job of opening up absentee ballots and putting them into the ballot machine, so only one of the votes was my own.) Of course since I’m from Vermont these votes don’t really count in this election, but I already whined about that in your last blog post…..

  2. Vicki Egan Root permalink

    I so which I could vote in Ohio! My vote doesn’t count much in NY. I hope you listened to Anne and your kids and voted correctly this time!

  3. Well I know I voted correctly. Pretty sure my wife and kids did not! :)

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