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Another “Another Auld Lang Syne”

January 5, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, when I make my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 and check on how I did in 2014.

First, how did I do in 2014? About one year ago, I wrote the following:

“Resolutions for 2014”

  1. “I will try to post at least 20 times during next year or roughly once every 2-3 weeks”
  2. “I will not mock the President, the federal government and Congress for their inability to cut profligate spending, inability to deal with entitlement spending, reform the abhorrent tax code and their inability to do anything useful. (Hmm….this resolution sounds like mockery already)”
  3. “I promise to not totally freak out when I turn 60 in May.”

On #1, not so good. After consulting my mathematical consultant, it turns out I only made 16 posts this past year. But I had a few good excuses. I had two surgeries (one involving anesthesia, the other involving sedation) in the last three months of 2014. My mother had major surgery in late November and had a few hospitalizations during the summer and early fall. (So, in other words, when all else fails blame health and medical care!). And frankly, I wearied of decrying REALLY bad, economic public policy in the US , and it showed as only 5 of my 16 posts were on public policy issues (and really only 4 if you don’t count my tongue-in-cheek “The Taxman’s taken all of my dough” post from April).

On #2, I did pretty darn well. I really didn’t mock the President, Congress, and the government very much. (or from my vantage point far less mockery than what was deserved). My tone was much more of a pleading, whining one than a sarcastic one.

On #3, Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!

So having not done too well on this past year’s 3 resolutions, it is time to make my resolutions for 2015. In that spirit, with one exception, I plan to make achieving these resolutions a tad bit easier than last year.

  1. I will avoid all hospitalizations and surgeries during 2015–Admittedly, this is not totally in my control, though I have nothing planned or scheduled. This is in contrast to 2014, where a hernia in September, resulted in surgery in October and a nagging infected cyst on my neck required a minor surgery in late December. I refer to the latter surgery as “minor” but I suppose there is nothing too minor about having a surgeon cut into the back of your neck.
  2. I will make sure to visit with my friends and family often during 2015– This should be easy, since I WANT to do this, though the airlines make longer distance visits much more painful than necessary. (Speaking of airlines, does anyone else agree with me that the merger of US Air and American is a complete oxymoron? Why not just call the new airline the “United States of America”?)
  3. I will workout by walking 3-4 miles every day (or virtually every day) – This should be aided psychologically by my new Christmas gift the “Fitbit”, a device that dutifully tracks  steps, miles, calories burned not only of your workouts but of your steps around the house, to the store , to and from the garage at work etc. (In fact, I just got up to use the Mens Room here at work, 94 steps, .05 miles WOW am I good or what?)
  4. I will swim almost every day and up my swim to 32 laps or about 1/2 mile – Since my neck surgery of  one week ago, I haven’t been allowed by the doctor to go swimming or use the jacuzzi owing to the risk of infection. This of course makes me wonder a bit as to whether swimming in a tepid pool of germs and bacteria is really such a healthy idea after all.
  5. I will eat mostly vegetables, whole grains, fruits and other good for you stuff – Thanks to Anne’s wonderful cooking, we have been doing this for a while. However, I still find it frustrating and totally UNFAIR that I can gain 5 pounds over the Christmas holidays by indulging in a few (well maybe a lot ) candies, cookies, pies, cakes, desserts etc. AND then have it take months and months to lose the weight… MEMO to Kilkenny clan (my wife’s family): Please, please do NOT send “Sees Candies” for Christmas anymore. In my case, it is like throwing gasoline on a burning fire. Or if you do send the candies, send them to a neutral site where only Anne knows the address…..Alternatively, maybe I can get my fitbit wristband equipped with a powerful electric shock ( I am thinking about 50,000 volts should do it) whenever I even touch an unhealthy food.
  6. I really will post 20 times this year – One down, 19 to go!

Happy 2015 to all. And I hope I hear from you via comments on the blog, emails etc.

Best, Bruce

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