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Home Alone

November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving week has always been a time when my family gets together since as long as I can remember. But this thanksgiving was a little different for me….

Twas  the day ‘fore Thanksgiving
And the night before that.
I lay barely living.
Coughing phlegm when I spat

My fever one oh two
Kept me ever awake.
At a quarter to two
No more could she take.

“No way can you fly
With such a bad fever”
I couldn’t argue or lie
Though was hard to believe her

Always Thanksgiving Day
Was with family they said
But this year I’d stay
Home alone in my bed

So to New Jersey they flew
While that day at the docs
My culture they grew
And sent me home with Amox.

The verdict was bleak.
I felt both green and blue.
“You’ll be sick for a week
And maybe even two”

So while my family ate Turkey
Yams, potatoes and stuffing,
My stomach was murky
And to breathe I was huffing.

Though no appetite had I
Something must suffice
Not pumpkin or mince pie
Just some leftover rice

And our dog Maisie
And our cat Baloo
They thought I was lazy
Wondered what did I do?

They finally came home
At the weeks end
Had to find a comb
To look on the mend

Anne tried to cheer me
And get me humming
“Cant you see?
Christmas is Coming!”

“Forgive me” I rasped
My face red as rouge
“Christmas can lapse
“I’ll be Ebeneezer Scrooge!”

From → Potpourri

  1. Hope you are feeling better Bruce. We will miss you at the IETA AGM in Doha. Was this the flu or post-election nausea?

  2. Rob Carey permalink

    I hope you have a much better Christmas than Thanksgiving and that Scrooge is a distant memory by then.

    • Thanks Robbie….Everyone is coming here for Christmas so even I get sick again I wont be “Home Alone”….Hope you guys have a great Christmas

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